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Head of Group Business Performance - Gaborone

The overall responsibilities of the role are: Enhancing country, segment and solution (product) management information so as to improve executive and Board understanding and decision-making...
Published: 07-03-2018

Executive Director - Gaborone

Policy & Strategy Development Drive the development of policies and strategies that improve the quality of rapid skills development. Drive the execution of the CITF strategy in...
Published: 16-03-2018

Chief Operations Officer - Gaborone

Strategy and Policy Development As a representative of Government and member of LEA executive management, participates in the development of policies and strategies which will enable the...
Published: 07-03-2018

Chief Marketing Officer - Gaborone

Develop market knowledge; customers and competition, technological developments, Develop a market strategy for:                  -...
Published: 02-03-2018

Senior IPT Engineer (Customer Experience & Collaboration) - Gaborone

What we will expect you to do:   Lead engineer for all large communications projects RFI/ RFP response and presentations Third and fourth line troubleshooting for high-end...
Published: 26-02-2018

Client Services Manager - Gaborone

As primary client contact take responsibility for ensuring delivery of excellent client service and building/maintaining existing client relationships Responsible for all client specific...
Published: 23-02-2018

Chief Financial Officer - Gaborone

1.    Strategy As a member of EXCO, contributes to the development of ODC’s corporate strategy and business plans Develops and implements the Financial strategy...
Published: 09-02-2018

Investment Principal - Gaborone

Policies and Strategies Contribute to the development and review of the BDC strategy Contribute to the development of the sector focused business development strategy targeting...
Published: 09-02-2018

Chief Audit Executive - Gaborone

Policies and Strategies Contribute to the development and implementation of the BDC corporate strategy Provide direction in the development of annual audit plans Risk Management,...
Published: 09-02-2018

Chief Investment Officer - Gaborone

Policies and Strategies Participate in the formulation, execution, review and adaptation of the BDC corporate strategy. Develop and leads the execution of a sector focused...
Published: 09-02-2018
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