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Portfolio Manager - Gaborone

The Portfolio Manager position requires you to take a leadership role in delivering investment performance, with an additional focus on the retention and growth of assets under management, the...
Published: 05-11-2017

Investment Analyst - Gaborone

Reporting to the Portfolio Managers, you will provide investment research with a particular focus on listed company analysis and fixed income securities and maintain a comprehensive research...
Published: 05-11-2017

Head of IT - Gaborone

Supervises the activities of the IT department to ensure that information is available timeously according to user department needs Provides line managers with effective computer systems...
Published: 22-10-2017

Head of Operations - Gaborone

Evaluate existing processes in branches, units to improve TAT and enhance controls Coaching and mentoring to meet unit individuals goals and meeting customer satisfaction Manage...
Published: 22-10-2017

Compensation & Benefits Consultant - Gaborone/ Johannesburg

Responsibilities: C & B Analysis and Reporting Conduct Market Surveys regarding Benefit Structures and Trends Budgeting salaries for the different Business Units Developing...
Published: 18-10-2017

Statistician General - Gaborone

Oversees formulation, development and monitoring of statistical policies and strategic plans Facilitates the development and formulation of statistical policies and strategic plans...
Published: 16-10-2017

Clinical Practice Manager -

You must be: Organized, proactive, and able to work under pressure. Able to work as part of a team. Good social skills to interact with patients and work closely with healthcare...
Published: 09-10-2017

Chief Executive Officer - Gaborone

Strategic Leadership Build a unified team around a unique organisation culture for BQA, and manage the transition and change during and after the establishment of BQA Create and...
Published: 08-10-2017

Deputy Statistician General - Statistical and Technical Operations - Gaborone

Leadership, management and service delivery Participate in defining, reviewing and updating Statistics Botswana’s strategic directions Participate in the preparation of Statistics...
Published: 15-09-2017

Banking Operations Specialist - Gaborone

 The job involves: research, analysis and evaluation of potential benefits and impact of proposed business solutions identify solutions that are either systems or procedural based...
Published: 21-06-2017
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