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Head of Technology

New vacancy - open to all applications

Overview of role

Our client in the Insurance Industry is looking for an experienced individual to lead their Technology team to plan, coordinate and develop the provision and delivery of information, communication technology (ICT) to meet communications, information processing, storage and retrieval needs of the Company to enhance the cost-effective delivery of operational and administrative services. The incumbent will be responsible for Data Management(Analytics) and promote innovative ideas to deliver cutting edge technological solutions to the business (automation of internal processes).

Job description

  • Develops, and manages all Technology systems, services and infrastructure owned and used by the company.
  • Lead the use of data analytics for decision making and enhance generation of reports for decision making
  • Develops and implements Technology services policies and procedures and ensures that they are aligned to meet the overall strategy.
  • Monitors clear performance targets at all stages within procedures and ensures that the standards are clearly communicated to Technology staff.
  • Develops budget and strategy for the Technology function in conjunction with the rest of senior management.
  • Conducts systems analysis, design and specification services to meet the service delivery requirements of the organisation.
  • Develops and implements effective Technology plans and processes for risk management and disaster recovery.
  • Works with external Technology support companies to facilitate the provision of customised software application implementation.
  • Ensures the implementation of data security and conducts selected application backups.
  • Monitors the use of technological services and identifies areas of underutilisation, misuse or over utilisation.
  • Recommends and advises the Company on the purchase and disposal of hardware and software.
  • Manages and participates in projects as necessary.
  • Trains staff and management on the use and maintenance of new software and hardware.
  • Manages relationships and effective allocation of outside Technology vendor resources.
  • Keeps up to date with business developments in Information Technology strategy, techniques and changes in regulatory and legislative issues.

Requirements, Education and Experience

  • A University degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field.
  • At least 8 years’ experience in system analysis and design, programming, installation and customisation of computer hardware systems including integrated software programmes. At least 5 years must have been in a similar role in senior/executive leadership.

Required Knowledge & Skills

  • Data Management; Process Automation is required
  • Planning and Organisation: Proven ability to effectively allocate resources and plan for the implementation of ICT services across the regions through demonstrable planning and organisations capabilities.
  • Analytical: Proven conceptual, evaluation and analytical skills to identify issues, formulate options and make conclusive recommendations.
  • Client Focus: Ability to identify client’s needs and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Project Management: Plans, negotiates, implements and evaluates the success and impact of projects.
  • Technical Know How: A strong background in management of information technology with expertise in systems and/or network administration in a multi-location environment.
  • Business Acumen: A clear understanding of the use of technology for operational efficiencies and effectiveness for the achievement of strategic goals
  • Risk Management and disaster recovery
  • People management

For confidential enquiries, please contact or call +267 3951640.



Match criteria
  • Gaborone
Education level
  • Degree
  • Banking and insurance
  • Automation / IT / Internet
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