Recruitment Solutions

We approach search and selection from several different angles and look forward to exploring and discussing the various options with you to ensure you get the best possible results. As a trusted partner to our candidates we have the most up-to-date pool of professional talent in our system which therefore allows us to take the bare minimum time to recommend you the best available candidates suited for your exact requirements.

We offer a unique blend of knowledge that has been gained over the years with highly skilled consultants and then we pair that with processes and strategies that we have perfected over the years. Through this strategic mix we create a tailored recruitment solution that feeds through the most suitable shortlist, highlighting valuable, top-notch candidates, whilst saving you time.

Head-Hunting for the talent that you need

Some candidates are not on your radar and we know how to find what you are looking for. At times clients want us to conduct a discreet search on their behalf or manage an end to end local or international search with complete transparency. Our highly talented, expert consultants know the in’s and out of this market and have honed their headhunting skills ensuring that they find you the most suitable talent in the market and beyond the borders.

We have you covered from all Angles

All of our consulting and recruitment efforts are customized to meet an individual client’s needs, and we concentrate on building on-going relationships with our clients through unbeatable, personalized service. This client-focused approach assures you of a world-class recruitment service experience.

Recruitment Costs

We charge a percentage based on the candidates yearly gross salary package. However, depending on the recruitment methodology and the specific aspects that you are seeking for us to look after, we and adopt a more customized approach to pricing. Please note that the additional costs may include assessments fees, advertisement fees, concierge and other auxiliary costs.
We are a call or an e-mail away and are happy to assist you with all your needs, please get in contact with us for a more customized approach.

Our Recruitment Pledge

We exist to remove the cumbersome stress that comes with finding the perfect candidate. In order to save you time and money, we combine our pool of resources and industry experience to give you a seamless and professional experience. Working with HRMC means that we you have our seal of assurance that we help you find and retain premium employees. We will not stop until we find you the ideal candidate. It is important that the person who joins your team is aligned with your business strategy as well as has the right outlook. The success of any assignment is determined by its constant communication. We will keep you updated along the entire process and you will get process reports along the way.
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