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FAQ’s and Tips

Q: Why is HRMC part of the process?

A: We as HRMC act as an unbiased, objective advisor and partner. We work closely with our assessment partners Evalex talent solutions to interpret and present the findings of the assessments. We give counsel based on the behavioral competencies that were measured and observed during the assessments. Depending on the nature of the job, the client ultimately decides what it wants to do with the findings.

Q: Why do I need to get assessed again? I have already undergone an assessment with you.

A: For the most part this is entirely your choice, you can choose to use the same results or to redo the assessments, however please note that the results can be no longer than 2 years in order for them to see considered as valid.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: No, unless requested to.

Q: Any tips that will escalate my success?

A: No, just be yourself. You are being measured on your current competencies, trying to change that will just stress you out. Get a good night’s rest and give it your best shot.

Q: What happens with my assessment results?

A: The results are compiled and sent to your prospective employer. This information is considered with the rest of the information that was gathered from you during the recruitment process. A combination of this information is brought together to allow the client to make a final decision.

Q: Am I allowed to get feedback?

A: Everyone has a right to assessment/development feedback. If your assessment was conducted due to the fact that a client requested it (part of a recruitment process), you would need to get permission from them first before it can be given to you. If it was for development purposes, a feedback session will likely be scheduled for you. Our consultants will be in contact.

Q: Are the results going to saved and used again?

A: When the report is sent to the client it belongs to the client and they can choose the information for recruitment or development. HRMC only uses your results in conjunction with the job that you were being assessed for. If however in the future you need to be assessed again for another job and the competencies are similar, you can choose to use the same results or get assessed again.

Tips on how to best prepare for an assessment center

Sleep is important
It is key that you get a good night’s rest. Assessments are very involving and need you to be sharp, attentive and wide awake. Going into an assessment extremely tired may reduce your chances of giving your best.

Enquire about the type of assessments that you will be doing
Find out from the administrator the type of assessments that you will be engaged in so that you have a rough idea on what to expect. Is it an interactive exercise or a competency based exercise? Or will it be done online? Do you need to have internet access?

Silence is golden
If it is an online assessment ensure that you are in a conducive environment where you will not be disturbed. It’s important that you are not distracted by emails and people because you only have a limited window to finish your assessments.

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