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Principal Environmental Officer

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Overview of role

On a 2 year contract, the Principal Environmental Specialist will plan and coordinate all environmental activities in compliance with the World Bank safeguard policies and Botswana Enviromental Impact Assessment (EIA )Law in liaison with the WUC Safety Health & Enviroment( SHE) Department and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) Program.

Job description

  • Serve as the main Programme Management Officer (PMO) liaison person with the WUC SHE department and the World Bank on matters related to environmental management in general, and implementation of the site-specific Environmental Management Plans, in particular
  • Review proposed project activities under Component 1 and 2 and the existing environmental assessment reports to ascertain their compliance with World Bank Safeguard Policies and the Botswana EIA law.
  • Make recommendations on the supplemental/additional environmental assessment required to bring the technical quality of the environmental reports to an acceptable World Bank standard. Existing environmental study reports to be reviewed include Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Environmental Management Plans (EMP), and Dam Safety Action Plans (DSAP)
  • Visit proposed sub-project sites under Component 1 and 2 to assess the baseline conditions and potential site-specific environmental risks and impacts
  • Advise on anticipated environmental risks and impacts and possible mitigation measures, and on the relevant type of environmental review and analysis to be undertaken, and documents to be prepared (e.g. sub-project specific Environmental Assessment and/or Environmental Management Plans)
  • Working with the PMO Procurement staff, ensure that environmental compliance is incorporated as appropriate in contracts for goods and services (mainly civil works contracts) and ensure that contractors are fully aware of their responsibilities in this regard
  • During implementation of the sub-projects, undertake regular environmental monitoring and supervision in order to verify whether and how provisions of the sub-project specific EMPs are followed by all relevant stakeholders (designers, contractors, beneficiaries)
  • Report regularly to the Project Coordinator in writing on the results of monitoring visits, promptly identify any environmental issues or cases of incompliance, and make recommendations for dealing with those issues.
  • Together with the WUC SHE team, discuss compliance status and measures to re-establish compliance with contractors and/or beneficiaries as appropriate, including agreeing on specific steps and timing for any remediation/corrective actions
  • Together with other PMO staff, certify completion of each sub-project and report on overall environmental compliance (contribution to sub-project completion reports)
  • Closely collaborate with technical staff and engineers of the PMO to ensure that environmental measures are incorporated at all stages of sub-project preparation and implementation, including site selection, sub-project design, preparation and evaluation of bidding documents and bids, preparation and supervision of contracts, Coordinate implementation of Environmental and Social safeguards actions for subprojects where they may be triggered, including community/stakeholder consultations, and timely disclosure of safeguard instruments (ESIAs, EMPs and DSAPs)
  • Oversee implementation of the EMP and, DSAP and relevant systems and processes, resulting in the full visibility of all activities of environmental significance during the construction / rehabilitation works
  • Ensure that there is ongoing monitoring and compliance with provisions of the EMP and DSAP by contractors and sub-contractors (as per specifications in their bids) to ensure maximum level of compliance with government statutes and guidelines
  • Prepare regular inputs for project reports on compliance with all safeguard provisions, as outlined in the POM or PAD and Legal Agreement
  • Ensure timely provision of information in response to queries from stakeholders in the water sector as well as the DEA and the Bank on the implementation of EMPs and associated activities of the project
  • Raise awareness around environmental and social issues during the entire project life cycle and jointly organize and facilitate workshops on environmental management and social safeguards awareness for WUC staff and other stakeholders
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to other SHE Staff on overall management of environmental aspects of subprojects, WUC and build in-house environmental management capacity of the PMO and WUC

Requirements, Education and Experience

  • Minimum of a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Water or Sanitary Engineering, Civil Engineering or related field
  • At least 7 years of demonstrated experience carrying out environmental assessments for water and sanitation projects and in preparing environmental plans
  • Experience in engagement and management of contractors on environmental aspects of infrastructure projects
  • A strong understanding of Botswana’s environmental legislation (technical), environmental management systems and associated environmental matters, including water management, bio-security, heritage and contamination
  • Familiarity with the application of World Bank, Safeguard policies would be an advantage


P303, 336.00 - P410, 388.00 per annum

Closing Date: 6th October 2017



Match criteria
  • Gaborone
Education level
  • Masters Level
  • Science & research
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