Chief Risk Officer

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Overview of role

The main purpose of this position is to ensure that the organization is in complete compliance with Regulatory regulations and guidelines. The CRO is also responsible for risk mitigation, internal audit, internal investigations, information security matters and the development of risk analytics, and reports to the Chief executive Officer and the Board. The position facilitates and monitors division-wide activity, is a trusted advisor and subject-matter expert.

Job description

  • Lead and manage the corporate’s team of dedicated risk and compliance professionals
  • Monitor and report on adherence to and consistency of strategic initiatives with Board-approved risk appetite framework, risk tolerances and risk profile.
  • Develop and maintain a trustworthy, respectful working relationship with the Chief Executive Officer, Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors as a whole
  • Implement and maintain a sound enterprise-wide integrated risk and Regulatory management governance framework
  • Oversee and develop a comprehensive process for assessing, identifying, monitoring, effectively managing and reporting pertinent business risks that could interfere with the organisation ’s core purpose and ability to grow and develop its business lines Oversee the risk management framework including credit, market, operational and ethics and Regulatory & Compliance risk, measuring risk and providing quantitative analytical support to the lines of business in risk measurement, modelling and reporting
  • Oversee and manage Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing control activity in all relevant business areas for the purposes of establishing a reasonable threshold level of control consistency
  • Identify known and emerging risks, measuring, monitoring and reporting on the entity’s risk profile to the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors
  • Manage the design and implementation of compliance activities in all relevant areas of operation
  • Facilitate the maintenance of risk corporate policies including credit and counterparty risk, market risk, operational risk, compliance, security, acceptable use, information security, physical security, business continuity planning, and limit breaches and escalation
  • Lead the facilitation, implementation and monitoring of effective risk management practices and ensure operating policies and procedures are complied with throughout the organization
  • Advocate and support the culture of informed risk-taking, heighten awareness and use of advanced risk management practices through training programs and coaching
  • Establish a high level of trust and credibility by building and maintaining relationships with business partners, key stakeholders and collateral
  • Effectively lead team members to encourage maximum performance and dedication
  • Recognize the contributions of committed team members and their achievements
  • Be a role model and promote the company’s organizational culture by creating a positive impact at every touch-point with people, with every word you say or put in print and everything you do
  • Align your values with the Mission, Vision and Values of The organisation
  • Perform other duties as we may need you to do

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Requirements, Education and Experience

  • Experience requirements – Executives with at least 5 years of experience are preferred, especially those with experience in risk management, the industry, and reporting to the board.
  • Critical thinking skills – Strategic thinking, effective analysis of data, and the ability to disaggregate business plans into component risks are essential skills needed in the role of the CRO.
  • Interpersonal skills – Strong verbal and written communication skills support the CRO in achieving effective relationships and motivating others.
  • Keen business acumen – Business and financial judgment, and problem-solving skills are crucial requirements to serve as a trusted adviser and a control authority.
  • Strong process orientation – A strong understanding of processes and core management activities are essential if the CRO is responsible in assisting the organization develop processes to identify, monitor, and report on key business risks.
  • Cool under fire – Concise, direct communication while under pressure, and active knowledge-sharing styles are necessary to manage through a crisis.

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  • Banking and insurance
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